to Ireland from Australia

Before adjusting and enjoying your new life in Ireland, you’ll first have to do all the work necessary to move there. International relocation can be complicated and time-consuming, and you’ll have much more control if you know what to expect. While RAS Group will help you along, you still need to know the paperwork you must file and the import fees that you’ll pay.

Import Duties For Your Personal

Paying excessive import duties and taxes just for the benefit of bringing your personal effects into a country, can make moving an expensive task. Fortunately, Irish customs are quite courteous on this point – as your personal effects can be imported without paying any duty at all. The only requirement is that these belongings be both owned and used by you for at least 12 months. This is an uncomplicated demand, and far easier than many other countries around the world.


Regulations For Your Belongings

Though Irelands requirements for
import duty exemption is easy – their customs clearance process is far more
involved. The Irish customs and revenue have the jurisdiction to examine every
shipment passing across Ireland’s borders.

Customs and revenue agents can hold your personal effects in a custom bonded facility for as long as two weeks for them to be granted entry. A physical exam may also be required by the Customs agents. Though the exact time can vary due to requirements, shipments arriving by air are generally cleared much quicker, with 2-3 business days being the norm.


Paperwork For Your Belonging

Employment letter or lease agreement
from Australia

Four Utility bills from Australia to
cover 12 month period prior to your arrival date in Ireland (eg arriving Jan
2019 paperwork required from Jan 2018 – Jan 2019)

You will be
required to submit the following

Transfer Of
Residence C+E 1076 

Tor 1

PPS number / is part of TOR 1 Form

Copy of your passport (Photo Page


Irish customs and revenue also require a comprehensive inventory or packing list, and this must be provided in English.

Import Duties For Your Vehicle 

One of the foremost considerations
when deciding whether to ship your car to a new country are duties and taxes at
the importation stage. Irish Customs and revenue will allow importation VRT /
TAX-free if their import requirements are met in full, as listed below.

You have owned the Car for at least 6
months prior to importation

Proof the car was Insured and taxed
for at least 6 months prior to importation 

Owner requirements

Once cleared you will receive a VRT
exemption cert from Customs and revenue.

Your vehicle must be booked with your
local NCT (national car test) center so they can complete the registration

If you have any further questions,
RAS Relocations Group are on hand to assist. 

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