Selecting a home moving company will be one of the most important things you do if you’re moving to a new home, whether you’re going to end up just up the road or moving to the other side of Ireland. Making sure you select the right moving company will mean getting your items to your new location safely and in good time. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new destination with broken belongings, or no belongings at all! These things can happen if you choose to work with the wrong home moving company, so finding the right team is a must.

Below, there are some great tips you can use for selecting a home moving company. Take a look and see what you can do: 

Ensure They Have A Professional Team

First off, you want to make sure that the home moving company you’re looking at have a professional team. This means a team that is fully trained with a professional attitude. A team that wears a uniform is a good sign, as this means they take the business seriously.

You might want to browse a site to see if they have pictures and quotes from their team to get a better idea of who you will be working with. Perhaps you could even call or email to ask a few questions and get a feel for how the team handles customer inquiries. This should give you a big clue as to how you are going to be treated if you choose to work with this home moving company. 

Make Sure They Have Insurance

Insurance is absolutely essential for any home moving company. They need to be insured if they are going to be handling your belongings, whether your belongings are worth a lot of money or not. A home moving company without the correct insurance should not be considered legitimate, so make sure they mention this somewhere on their site, and if you really want to be sure, ask to see proof that they are insured. After all, it’s your belongings on the line if it turns out the don’t have the correct insurance. 

Look At Reviews And Testimonials 

Ideally, the home moving company will have some reviews and testimonials on their website that back up the sort of service they offer. This sort of social proof is invaluable, as it is not a person that has been paid for a review, it is somebody who thought the service was great and felt compelled to write one. Don’t just look on the company’s website – look on third party sites too as this will ensure the team is not just picking the best reviews to showcase on their website. You’re going to need a well-rounded picture of the company. 

Ask For Recommendations 

Your friends and family have likely used a home moving company at one stage or another, so ask for recommendations. They will likely know somebody who could do a great job or may know somebody who knows somebody. You might want to ask on social media to see if any of your distant relatives or acquaintances can recommend somebody, too. 

Make Sure They Specialise In Moving The Things You’re Looking To Move 

If you’re looking to move heavy items, like a piano, or antique items, then you’re going to want to work with a home moving company who is experienced in this. Not all items are created equal. Moving antiques is risky business, as everything needs to be moved and handled safely at every single stage. The company you work with will need to have a good idea of how exactly things should be handled, moved, and packed so that you can have peace of mind. For example, some companies will wear gloves and use special equipment. They may also use the route with the least traffic, so as to avoid anything going wrong with the move. A company should always tell you or detail on their website how they plan to ensure your things arrive in pristine condition. 

See If They Offer Extra Services

Some removal companies may offer extra services that could help you move somewhat. For example, some provide packing boxes, and some will even do the packing for you. Some might unplug your appliances and move those too, such as washing machines and dishwashers. 

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Find Out What Their Delays Policy Is

Find out what the company’s policy is regarding delays. Some removal companies charge an hourly rate for delays. The reason for any delay might be out of your control, so you will need to know this in advance so there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises. 

Get A Number Of Quotations 

Call up a couple of different companies and get some quotations. The cheapest doesn’t mean it will be the best, but it helps to have an idea of the average price. 

Make Sure You Know What Their Complaints Procedure Is

If something does go wrong, how will you make a complaint? Make sure you know this before the move so you don’t have to think about it if by any chance something does go awry. Most reputable companies will be members of a removal trade association or organisation (such as IAM, the International Association of Removers) and will have a dispute resolution procedure in place to resolve any issues. 

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