International Moving Company – 30 Years Moving Domestically and Internationally

No matter what your worldwide moving requirements, we have the professionals at RAS Removals a very well known and respected International moving company, who can assist you every step of the way.

Moving abroad is a whole new adventure that can be exciting and yet stressful to embark upon. You are changing your life and uprooting everything that you have and moving to a new country. With a move comes a need for the best international removals Dublin has to offer, and that means that RAS Removals Group is the best option for you. Whether you are moving a single bag or you are packing up an entire house to move your belongings abroad, you need a reliable and efficient company that performs international removals with ease. With our 30 years’ experience, you can trust that you are getting a service that is unrivaled in Ireland.

From The UK To The Rest Of The World

At RAS Removals Group, we are professionals who can offer excellence in all areas of international removals. You don’t need to have an unusually large shipment to experience our full service; we can assist you with any size international removals that you need, we are a professional international moving company with 30 years experience in the moving business, operating out of Dublin, Ireland.

We will provide you with a targeted service from the moment you approach RAS Removals with your international removals needs. At RAS Removals, you will be provided with a dedicated international removals adviser from the moment you decide to undertake your move, and whether you are moving within the UK or heading to the rest of the world, we are able to help.

RAS are an International Moving Company Reaching All International Destinations

With 30 years’ experience in the removals industry, we are filled with the knowledge you need to get you from A to B in the smoothest way possible. As part of our service, we offer door to door removals to almost every country in the world. Your needs are our priority, so whether you need to tailor your moving service for a local move across to England, or you want to go the distance and head to Australia, you need to contact us. We will consider the size of your shipment, and you can choose between road, air and sea. Some of the destinations that we can help with include:

Packing Your Belongings for an International Move

When you seek out the help of the best international movers Ireland has to offer, you’ll be relieved to know that we are so much more than lifters and movers. We can provide you with help with the most crucial step of the process: packing. Whether you need materials or not is irrelevant as we can provide you with the packing materials that you need weeks in advance of your moving date. You can choose to pack for yourself, or you can utilise our full packing service. Either way, you will have 100% support at every avenue so that you get superior cover.


You need to consider protecting your goods as much as possible, particularly during international relocation’s. Luckily for you, RAS Removals Group offers comprehensive international removals insurance to help you to get from A to B with the best possible coverage. Contact our professional advisers today, and we can walk you through all of our international removals insurance options.

International Office Relocation

It’s not just homeowners who like to change the view. Sometimes, business owners need to open a new office abroad and are relocating their businesses elsewhere. The best thing that you can do if you are a business owner looking to move your company overseas is to contact RAS Removals Group. We can ensure that your office relocation goes off without a hitch with the best advice along the way.

Foreign Exchange Options Available on RAS Website

RAS has also partnered with the Global Reach who offer a professional foreign exchange service which offers facilities for customers to avail of very competitive foreign exchange rates, you can see full details of the service by clicking here on Global Reach

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At RAS Removals Group, our main aim is to ensure that your international removals are straightforward. You need to know your belongings are travelling across the world safely and securely, and this is a service that we aim to provide. We are committed to delivering you the cost-effective solutions that you need for international removals success. Take the time to contact our professionals today, and we will ensure that you have one of our experts give you a quote for your international removals.

When you contact RAS Removals Group, you will encounter friendly and knowledgeable professionals who can talk you through international removals, packing and even visa and immigration issues. Don’t hesitate: let us be your point of contact as a business with 30 years of experience for your international removals. You can contact us by email here
Alternatively you can call us direct by phone on +353 1 9631250

We look forward to helping you with our professional service as an international moving company. We are based in Dublin Ireland, please see our location on the map below.