2 Months prior to Moving Day

  • Start a file for all your moving paperwork
  • Make a listing of your household goods and use this opportunity to de-clutter unwanted goods
  • Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement
  • Get your new home prepared – contact, carpenters, plumber, painter, handyman, etc

6 Weeks prior to Moving Day

  • Notify post office change-of-address
  • Subscribe to the paper in your new hometown to learn more about your community. Make arrangements for storage if necessary
  • Ask your doctor or health plan provider for referrals, and transfer all medical records for the family
  • Have antiques, pieces of art, and other valuable items appraised for transit insurance purposes
  • Start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved, donate clothing to charities

4 Weeks prior to Moving Day

We recommend not to book flights on the same day as your planned uplift or delivery, just in case the packing and loading take longer than anticipated, or there are delays with the arrival of the moving crew.

  • Arrange a date for disconnection of utility services at your old home and schedule connection of the utilities at your new home.
  • Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive. If you have “last month” deposits with services, such as the Gas, Electric, Broadband, TV , request your refund
  • If you are packing yourself, obtain packing materials from a reputable packing supply company, make sure you only use strong cartons that can be sealed, we recommend 2 ply cartons, start packing items you won’t need until after you arrive at your new house Arrange for cleaning and repair of any items you are leaving in the house
  • Arrange for special transportation of your pets and plants if necessary
  • Arrange insurance on your goods whilst in transit, RAS can provide full marine insurance, visit www.ras-group.ie to see how your possessions are covered during transit
  • Check to see if you need any parking permits or special arrangement at your destination for the delivery vehicle
  • Collect all your important records, gather personal and family records, including medical and dental, and veterinary; legal and financial documents; birth certificates, passports and insurance documents

3 Weeks prior to Moving Day

  • Properly dispose of items that cannot be moved, such as flammable liquids
  • If you are bringing your car / cars,  check what documentation is required for importation at your destination
  • If you are moving in or out of an apartment, arrange for use of the elevator and parking space for the movers
  • If you have small children, make child-care arrangements for moving day, as children can make the move more stressful

2 Weeks prior to Moving Day

  • Arrange a garage sale for any unwanted items
  • Arrange the disposal of anything not sold at your moving sale. Service your car in preparation for the move. If you’re moving from a warm climate to a cold one, check your antifreeze
  • Return any borrowed items (including library books) and retrieve any items you may have loaned out to friends or family
  • Cancel and delivery services such as milk, newspapers
  • Notify any financial institutions who have business with of your move
  • Speak with your doctor about any prescriptions you may need and seek referral / advice for obtaining your prescription’s in your new
  • Leave a file with information on services, local amenities for the new owner of your home
  • Change your address – One week before you move send change of address cards to everyone that will need to contact you

1 Week prior to Moving Day

  • Arrange with your bank to transfer your bank accounts, we can also recommend a currency provider who will assist
  • If you are moving pets, bring pets to the vet for travel passport and vaccinations where required
  • Make sure all bills are settled
  • Find new homes for plants that will not be moved
  • Confirm any travel arrangements and arrange transport to airport / port
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer
  • Let the movers pack your belongs, unless you are planning the move yourself
  • Arrange for a tradesman to disconnect any major appliances for the move
  • Pack a box of items that will be needed first at the new house. Clearly mark the box so you can identify it when there
  • Make arrangements to pay the movers for your move
  • Confirm arrival time of your moving van/truck
  • If packing your own goods, dismantle beds and other large furniture, make sure you cardboard wrap all furniture items to avoid damage during transport

Moving Day

  • Take a note all utility meter readings
  • Have your mobile on at all times or have access to your email
  • Park two to three well-spaced cars out the front to reserve a spot for the removal truck
  • Be sure someone is present at the when the movers are there to pack / load your goods and to answer any questions in relation to the move
  • Do a walk about of your home with the crew leader and make sure everything that was supposed to be uplifted has been packed and loaded before the Vehicle leaves
  • Keep items you will need for travel in a safe place, for example, travel documents, passports, car / door keys etc. you don’t want them getting packed up in error
  • Make sure to pack extra clothes for travel, in case there is a unexpected delay with the delivery vehicle
  • Keep a copy of your inventory / packing list (if the move company are packing your goods they will provide this list) read carefully, before signing and keep this paperwork in a safe place

Delivery Day

  • Upon delivery of your goods, check your belongings carefully and note on the inventory paperwork any missing or damaged items
  • If you have booked a full door to door service, the movers will unpack all you goods and assemble any furniture that requires assembly, with all items placed in the rooms you instruct, they will also remove any packing materials on the same day

It is important to remember that there are many variables that can affect your delivery schedule, events such as road accidents, road closures, mechanical difficulties, weather conditions, sailing cancelled, all these things can slow down your delivery regardless of the best laid plans been.

With the successful move completed, you will be ready to settle in to your new home, put the kettle on and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee

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