So you are researching about how to immigrate to USA, and you have found our article online, luckily for you, we have included a lot of relevant information which may assist you in your search for the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and more, about immigrating to the United States.

America has been heralded for centuries as a land of opportunities. A thriving, multicultural land where enterprising men and women from all over the world are welcome to come and take their own little piece of the American dream. America is vast, not only in terms of topography but in terms of climate, industry, and culture. Each state is like a little country in its own right, and immigrants from all over the world have helped to establish all 50 of the United States and make them what they are.

If you’re currently living in Ireland, it’s easy to see America as a land of enormous opportunity where you can make your fortune. After all, Irish immigrants have flocked to America before it was even officially a country. Wherever you go in the states, you’re sure to find an Irish community that’s thrived since the state was founded. The Irish continue to make up a sizable chunk of the US population with 35 million Americans claiming Irish heritage (that’s 7 times the entire population of Ireland!).

USA Land of Opportunity?

But moving intercontinentally is not something one should consider lightly and there’s a lot that needs to be organised if you’re to do it right. So, if you’re thinking of swapping out the green, white and orange for the red, white and blue, join us as we map out everything you’ll need to know about how to get started moving from Ireland to the good ol’ US of A.

Immigrating To USA You Need To Apply for a Visa or Green Card

Way in advance of your move you’ll need to look into how to live and work in Ireland legally. And that means applying for a Visa or a Green Card as early as possible.

There are numerous different kinds of visas and which one you need will depend on the purpose of your travel. Applying for a Visa or Green Card is one of the most frustrating hurdles that you’ll need to overcome in order to become a permanent resident.

In most cases, a Green Card is granted when the applicant;

  • Has a family member who is a US Citizen
  • Is married to a US Citizen
  • Is offered a job or employment in the US
  • Is granted asylum

But don’t worry if these don’t apply to you. There are a number of other special provisions and you can even self-petition. See here for more info.

You should allow yourself several months for your application process to go through before you move. If you’re traveling to the US for 90 days or less for business and leisure, you will not require a Visa.

You may wish to use this time to look for job prospects that will aid your application. If you’re a student you will need to apply for a J1 student Visa and be able to prove that you have been accepted by an educational institute and that you have the financial means to support yourself.

Choose your destination

Fortunately, there’s absolutely no shortage of thriving Irish communities dotted all over the United States. And while many are comprised mostly of Irish Americans, you’ll also find plenty of people who were born and raised “back in the old country” and will be happy to see a fellow countryman come to the states. Irish communities are famously welcoming and helpful and once you start making friends they can prove invaluable in helping you find work and a place to live, if you don’t already have all of that lined up.

So, where in the states can Irish visitors find a warm welcome, a thriving Irish community and potential employment prospects? We suggest looking into the following;

  • New York City NY– America’s most famous cultural melting pot, New York’s Irish community is practically legendary. Central Yonkers and the North Bronx have thriving Irish communities, but Manhattan rental prices are notoriously steep. Alternatively, try Bay Ridge in Brooklyn or Breezy Point in Queens.
  • Boston MA- Home of the prestigious Harvard University, Boston is home to a couple of Irish Americans who went on to become Superheroes- Ben Affleck (Batman) and Chris Evans (Captain America).
  • Butte MT- Montana’s first industrial city, Butte has a long association with the Irish ever since its early years as a copper mining town. High in the rockies, Butte is often referred to as Ireland’s fifth province.
  • New Orleans LA– You might mostly associate this vibrant Louisiana city with its proud cajun and creole heritages but it has always had a streak of green running through it. The Irish Channel, or Manche irlandaise is home to a thriving Irish community.

Know what to take and what to leave

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to relocate and how you’re going to be allowed to stay in the country, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the hard part’s over. But then you have to contend with the practicalities of an intercontinental move. 

It’s important to audit your home and know for sure what you’re going to bring with you and what you won’t. When it comes to stuff you won’t be taking stateside with you, you’ll need to figure out whether you’d prefer to keep it in storage, sell it or give it away.

Take your time with this process, but you may find it strangely liberating parting with the old belongings that have ceased to hold meaning for you while realising just how much you love the stuff that you can’t bear not to take.

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