Household Goods Volume Calculator – It’s Free and very easy to use, just fill in the numbers of each item when asked room by room and the contents volume calculator will do all the calculations for you immediately. You will instantly get the volume in cubic meters and cubic feet.

Household Goods Volume Calculator - Free Tool

Making the decision about moving house in Dublin, or anywhere in Ireland and internationally is a big decision, but once made, then the reality of making it happen smoothly and successfully begins to sink in. 

Questions then begin to emerge like, Where do you start? Who does what? Where can you get advice? Do you rely on inconsistent advice from inexperienced people posting their views on how to move home on boards and forums on Google? Or do you pay someone to do it for you? 

These are the decisions you have to make and you have to live with  the consequences of those decisions in the future.

So let’s look at the two main options, the DIY approach to moving home or leave it to the professionals approach. 

First let’s separate the two types of move, moving homes within Ireland and moving from Ireland to an international destination..

Obviously moving home in Ireland from one location like Dublin to another location in Cork is a very different move compared to moving from Dublin to Spain, moving from Dublin to France, or further afield like Canada, the USA or Australia

Those international relocation’s require a lot of research and official documentation to be submitted to the authorities in the host country. For these kind of home moves and relocation’s It is certainly advisable to use experienced professionals who have been down that road many times and know every bump and turn in the road any of which could easily unhitch an inexperienced person attempting it for their first time.

So the DIY approach involves moving all your home contents yourself, that means packing and boxing everything up and hiring some kind of transport to bring it to the new location. To estimate the size of the transport needed you need to know what volume of space your household contents will need for the move. 

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Luckily you can use the contents calculator quote free tool on this website to quickly get the exact cubic meter capacity or if you want it in cubic feet the tool gives you those volumes also.

As a result of using the household-goods-volume-calculator, RAS Removals Group will also give you a free estimate of how much it would cost to get the whole move done for you professionally. You may be surprised at the cost difference as RAS Removals Group are very competitive with their prices.

So let’s look at moving you from Ireland internationally. The number one suggestion here is to do your research on your intended destination. If your move to another country is job related, and you work for a company then it usually follows that your employer will arrange the international relocation for you, including sourcing a suitable home for you. If you are moving yourself internationally then it would be highly advisable to engage the services of a professional international relocation company.

Using professional movers will greatly decrease your stress levels as it will be their responsibility to ensure that the move goes smoothly. To get the ball rolling on making an international relocation happen, you could first decide what belongings you intend bringing with you. You will need an estimate of the contents volume to be moved, this will assist the moving company to give you a more accurate estimate of the final cost.

To get an accurate estimate of the total volume of your household contents you can use a free contents calculator on this website. RAS Removals Group will give a free estimate of the cost of the move which will be very handy information to have as all items shipped internationally are normally placed in a shipping container where you pay for every square foot or meter of space, so having an accurate calculated volume could save you money in shipping costs.

Household Goods Volume Calculator - Free Tool

If you require a more detailed estimate or if you have some special items to be moved, a representative from RAS Removals Group would be happy to call to your home and do a relocation or moving home survey for you.

RAS Removals Group can be contacted by going here, or you can call direct on +353 1 9631250.