When applying for a visa to visit or live in the Republic of Ireland there are a number of ways to do so and there are varying requirements for each type of visa.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all the relevant information has been passed to the visa officer processing the application.  RAS Group can assist you with everything you need to complete an application.

A request for a visa, no matter how long the visit or the reason for the stay, should be made at least eight weeks before your anticipated departure. It is vital that all the required information is included with your application as the provision of incomplete information or documentation will result in your visa application being returned.  Such an outcome can cost unnecessary time and money. 

RAS Group have experiencing in obtaining Irish visas for individuals and workers across a wide range of industries. We are experienced in our local visa application processes and can manage visa requirements on your behalf from initial application to visa approval, leaving you free to deal with other items at this exciting time of your life.