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Departure Services

Preview Visits

Preview trips are an essential process for the transferee and their family. This service enables the transferee to get familiar with their surroundings. RAS Relocations dedicated home search advisors will provide the transferee with an orientation tour of the local area they plan to be on assignment in and also provide advice on the following.

  • Schooling
  • Amenities
  • Utilities Connection
  • Local Authorities
  • Banks and their Facilities
  • Key Places of Interest

Property Management

  • RAS Property Management track and trace system allows us to offer a complete security option. We ensure that the tenants are fully screened prior to signing any lease
  • RAS Property Management offer a service than in the event that a transferee's property is vacant during a period of their assignment we can manage and maintain both the properties and the utilities
  • RAS Relocations can provide emergency repair teams in the event of out of hours call outs.

Language Training

RAS can offer a full comprehensive training option for the transferee and his/her family. Interactive courses as a group or singular are available. RAS ensure that the transferee gains proficient language knowledge to feel at ease in the country of their destination

Intercultural Training

Online seminars can be arranged so that the transferee has an insight into the culture of their assignment country

Travel Assistance

RAS assist with the pre-booking of flights, car hire, and short term accommodation if a stop-over is required

Childrens Requirements

  • RAS Relocations know how difficult it can be relocating with children
  • RAS Relocations Relocations provide on-going support for both the junior and senior children of the family
  • RAS Relocations can offer a full counselling program to assist the children with the knowledge they require to locate
  • RAS Relocations offer child relocating awareness packs. Packs are tailored to the child's age

Pet Transportation

  • RAS Relocations use a network of service providers to ensure that the family pets are delivered and have all the correct documentation and health checks to comply with customs
  • RAS Relocations have a dedicated section to Pet Transfers linked on the homepage
  • Transit Insurance available - please call for a quotation on 01 8608570

Destination Services

RAS Relocations Greeting Pack

We provide a pack which contains a local guide to your destination city, an atlas for convenience, maps of the local vicinity where you will be locating to, a tourist guide of things to do and see, and additional literature including feedback on the area from previous clients.

Temporary Accommodation Assistance

At RAS Relocations we can assist you with you temporary accomodation needs. We will provide you with a needs assessment form, and upon receipt of this back we will dedicate one of our highly trained home search advisors to seek property which suits your budget

Visa Updates

RAS Relocations can assist with the renewal of an existing Visa

Home Search

  • RAS Relocations assign a dedicated home search advisor and school search advisor to the transferee; their expertise will assist with identifying and understanding the property market in the destination country as well as adhering to the transferee's budget
  • RAS Relocations ensure that the leasing contract is reviewed and inspections carries out as well as negotiating utilities connections. We can offer the service to companies by managing their own corporate property for them
  • RAS Relocation advisors will educate the transferee for schooling purposes in both the enrolment process and the education levels in the destination country as well as any tuition fee's applicable. School visits/tours can be arranged.
  • RAS Relocations can provide a car and driver or an SUV to accommodate larger family on the orientation visit

Preview Orientation Tours

RAS provide orientation tours based on a half day, full day or two day programmes. This time allows the transferee to identify the various processes involved in both the housing, banking and medical options as well as the travel network to enable the to get to and from work on a daily basis. The area tours are vital for the transferee to become comfortable with their surroundings

Furniture Requirements

RAS Relocations can assist you with your rental furniture requirements.

Partner Assistance

RAS Relocations understand that the transferee has a contact with an employee and this can be quite a daunting time for the transferee's partner and children. RAS Relocations make this an easier process by introducing partners to opportunity within the business market and also in volunteering activities. The enhanced support aids the partners to integrate into the local community with ease

Termination Of Assignment and Support in Repatriation

  • RAS Relocations assist with the repatriation of a transferee from one country to another or when they return to their home country
  • RAS Relocations assist with the lease negotiations with the landlords and also the utilities termination
  • RAS Relocations arrange to meet the landlord and discuss the return of the deposit as well as checking the property against the original inventory checks
  • RAS Relocations can provide the necessary cleaning requirements upon vacation of the property

Tax Local Authority Assistance

  • RAS Relocations can provide a chauffered vehicle to take the transferee to the local authority office to ensure the process of becoming tax compliant in their destination country is made easier
  • RAS Relocations can also on this trip ensure that the driver chauffers them to the bank of their choice to open their accounts