General Hints & Tips from the Experts at RAS Group

Leave your mobile on at all times.

Make sure you put things aside while your furniture is in transit, for example your wallet, mobile phone, airline ticket, keys, etc. Put these in a safe place while the removalist is there so they do not get mixed up with the items to be moved. Make sure to pack some clothes for transit, in case there is a unexpected delay.

Park two to three well-spaced cars out the front to reserve a spot for the removal truck.

Do not forget to disconnect the phone, gas, electricity and water and then have it connected at your new place.

Make sure you are there at uplift and delivery.

Make sure everything that was supposed to be uplifted has been packed and loaded before the truck leaves.

It is important to remember that there are many variables that can affect your delivery times. Events such as accidents, road closures, mechanical difficulties and another customers consignment being larger or more difficult than planned, can slow down a delivery regardless of what company you choose.

We suggest NOT booking flights on the same day as your planned uplift or delivery. This will create too much extra and unwanted stress.